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This service costs:$65.00
Four Seasons Home Services Plumbing Inspection Includes

  • Inspect and Drain Water Heater
  • Check all angles stops
  • Check all faucets
  • Check water hardness
  • Four Seasons Home Services Plumbing Inspection includes the above plus more
Four Seasons Home Services Plumbing Inspection helps prolong the life of your home’s plumbing.  By having a plumbing inspection done you reduce the risk of having problems by reducing calcium buildup.

Service FAQ

Why do i run out of hot water?

Answer: One reason may be the age of the water heater.  It is important to maintain your water heater, by flushing it yearly to prevent build up of sediment in the tank.  This will help maintain the life of the water heater and also your manufacturer’s warranty.

What do I do when it freezes?

  Answer: wrap any exposed hose bib or pipe with insulation or old towels with duct tape or rubber bands.  Open your closet doors to allow warm air to circulate.   You can also let an outside faucet drip slightly to keep the water circulating to prevent any freezing of the pipes. 

My water pressure is not good?

Answer: One reason may be the age of the pipes, as they get older the buildup of rust or iron oxide causes them to close up over time and causes the diameter of the pipe to lessen which restricts the flow of water through them.  The best solution is the replace your old piping.

Our professional plumbers deliver fast, dependable service and will arrive in uniform on time every time.  Four Seasons Home Services offers plumbing services that range from routine repairs and maintenance…to emergency service…to expert equipment installation and replacement, Four Seasons Home Services is ready to meet all of your needs and surpass all of your expectations for plumbing, drain cleaning, and sewer & water line replacement!   Our services include but are not limited to the below…….

  • Water heater service, maintenance & replacement
  • Slab leak detection and repair
  • Installation of fixtures
  • Replacement of shower cartridges
  • Blockage removal
  • Water treatment service, maintenance & replacement




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Four Seasons Home Services is trained to repair all makes and models. Here at Four Seasons Home Services we pride ourselves on quick, reliable and cost conscious service.


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Four Seasons Home Services values different lifestyles. We all are busy and living in the valley of Arizona there is nothing more frustrating than to have to deal with your heating system.


We provide a variety of different services to solve your plumbing issue. If it’s broken we can fix it. Give us a call today and we’ll schedule an appointment for you.


Four Seasons Home Services works around the clock to ensure your life is not turned upside down due to an unexpected breakdown in your homes cooling system.

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